Apprentices – Joining a trade union doesn’t have to cost you a penny – We’ll join for you!

At £10 per year for apprentices, UNISON membership already outstrips its rivals for price. At Tameside UNISON Local Government Branch we recognise the many costs already placed upon apprentices when you are starting out in work so we are offering to pay for the first year of your membership with Tameside’s biggest and best trade union!

You will have access to the advice and support of the UK’s largest trade union. That makes it much easier to nip any problems in the bud and helps you to get the most out of your apprenticeship. Our workplace reps are fully trained to help with any kind of work issues – and while you may be facing them for the first time your rep has probably come across them many times before and will know the best way to sort things out. Evidence shows that being a member of a trade union has huge benefits, with workers in the public sector earning 8% more if they are in a trade union and  unionised young workers earning up to 39% more.

UNISON is an organising union, we are a collective movement of workers, united to build power, allowing us put pressure on decision makers and improve the working and personal lives of our members. Only when we invest and participate in our union can we have a stronger voice. From the recent Youth Climate Strikes to the McStrikes against zero-hour contracts, young people are demanding to be heard and are fed up with precarious work and exploitative employers.

Now is an exciting time to join UNISON and get involved with Tameside Local Government Branch. 2019 is UNISON’s year of young workers and young members are one of our fastest growing demographics. Current UNISON campaigns include “One Wage Any Age” calling to abolish the discriminatory minimum wage age bands. UNISON are also asking employers to sign up to their Apprenticeship Charter which lists being paid the rate for the job, high quality training and a guaranteed employment contract among its aims. In Tameside, we are currently looking for a Young Member’s Officer to sit on our Branch Committee; this would involve advising on young members and equalities issues and championing the needs of Young UNISON members. We are also looking to form a young member’s committee or encourage a Self-Organised Group to further promote this group of underrepresented workers within Local Government.

Recent branch activity has included delegations to National Conferences in Brighton and Liverpool, a UNISON Health and Safety Seminar in Belfast and a group visit to Auschwitz and Birkenau to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day 2019. On top of this there are opportunities at regional and national levels to get more involved with UNISON such as the recent National Young Members weekend in Belfast which offered activist training including in-depth workshops, networking opportunities and political education seminars. For further information please contact our Branch Equalities Officer, Phil Allen on –  07587 205005 or email:

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