Member Benefits

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Worried about your job in public services? At a time of cuts, redundancies, restructuring and outsourcing, now is the time to join UNISON.

Every member, wherever they work, receives our full range of member benefits and services, which includes:

  • advice, support and help when you need it at work
  • a helpline that is open until midnight
  • legal help for you at work and your family at home
  • financial assistance and debt advice in times of need
  • compensation for accidents and injuries at work
  • death benefits

Member benefits

Exclusive deals and offers that can save you and your family money when you are shopping, buying insurance or looking for a holiday.

All this from as little as £1.30 a month – depending on how much you earn. So if you want essential cover from UNISON, with all the benefits and services we offer, it couldn’t be simpler.

If you’re looking for the support of a union in uncertain times, join UNISON today.