Local Government Service Group

The Local Government Service Group brings together members who face similar employment issues. This strengthens our work to improve pay and conditions, campaign to keep jobs and quality public services, ensure workplaces are safe and challenge discrimination. UNISON’s Local Government Service Group has been set up to represent the employment needs of our members working in councils and related public services.

News items from the Local Government Service Group are given below.

LG 47 2014 Bedroom Tax

LG 48 2014 DCLG Code of Data Transparency

LG 49 2014 House of Lords Care Debate

LG 50 2014 LGIU Homecare Report

‘The Damage’ – Dismantling Council Services will Seriously Damage Our Lives and Our Communities

As part of our anti-cuts campaign ‘The Damage’, the Service Group has produced a series of studies on how cuts to particular council services are putting the public at risk and damaging local businesses and economies.

The Damage – shrinking womens lives

The Damage – public library service

The Damage – youth services

The Damage – environmental health

The Damage – trading standards