Management Terms and Conditions Departmental Briefings

Tameside Unison
4th April 2016

Over the coming days the trade unions understand that many of you will be invited by management to attend briefing sessions with regards to the matter relating to terms and conditions. It is the prerogative of management to arrange such meetings in order that they can explain the detail of their proposals and take any questions from you. We will do our best to attend any meeting that we are invited to but please bear in mind the branch only has two full time officers and it will be impossible to attend all due to existing commitments.

In view of this UNISON and GMB will be holding joint roadshow type meetings over the coming weeks. These meetings are separate from any management scheduled meetings and will be open to union members only. Details will be given in due course to advise you of dates, times etc.

In the meantime, and in the absence of a trade union presence at any management scheduled meeting that you may attend,  it is important that you forward any questions that you may have to us at We will collate your questions and direct them to management.

In the coming weeks we will be collating a FAQ’s to the many questions that you will have. During our own roadshow meetings with you, we will discuss all of the options open to us going forward and once we have a consensus of opinion we will advise accordingly.

Finally, there are several unhelpful rumours ‘doing the rounds’ that quote that the trade unions have agreed to the employers proposals. This is completely untrue. Whilst we will continue to talk and make representations to the employer, we will not collectively agree to any cuts to your terms and conditions.

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