NJC Pay Offer 2016/18 – Branch Consultation

Local Government branches in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are asked to consult members on a final two-year pay offer received from the
Local Government Association.

The UNISON NJC Committeeā€™s view is that the offer falls far short of what our members deserve and employers can afford. The Committee is recommending REJECTION of the offer.

It is vital that you have your say and we want to encourage as many members as possible to take part in the consultation on 2016/18 pay offer. In particular we need to know if you wish to accept the offer or if you wish to reject the offer and would be prepared to take industrial action in pursuit of an improved pay offer in the form of;

  • all out strike action, and/or
  • selective strike action, and/or
  • action short of strike action

Please read the documents below and return your response by 12 noon on Thursday February 18th.

Alternatively you can email your response to tamesideunison@btconnect.com

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