Tameside UNISON have nominated Paul Holmes for General Secretary because…

Paul has the best record of leadership and fighting for members.

Paul is the members’ candidate, from the shop floor.

Paul will take the job on his current wage of £32,000, declining the £100,000 available.

Paul will massively increase funding to branches so we can support you better.

Paul has a track-record of winning disputes and elections, other candidates do not.

Paul’s leadership will be inclusive, developing talents from across our whole union and involving retired members.

Paul is popular across UNISON and can win.

General member advisory: The Ballot will run from 28th October until the 27th November 2020.

We know that if members do not complete ballot papers straight away, they are filed away, popped in the letter tray and often not completed. Previous ballots have yielded a small member turn out. In a member lead union, UNISON encourages you to be heard and to have a say in who you think should be our next General Secretary. Please look out for your ballot paper and complete it straight away and ensure to POST it.

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